Impressive journey of a doctor who has succeeded in contributing to the Diasporas

Impressive journey of a doctor who has succeeded in contributing to the Diasporas

Impressive journey of a doctor who has succeeded in contributing to the Diasporas

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 Dr  Janvier Gasana, MD, MPH, PhD, Chair&Assc. Prof 

Affiliation: Kuwait University, Medical College of Wisconsin, &OSHAfrica 

Industry Expertise and Experience: 

Prof Gasana holds an MD (Medical Doctorate) degree from the National University of Rwanda, and both Master and PhD degrees in environmental and occupational health (EOH) sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health.  

He is the inauguralchair of the Department of EOH of Kuwait University Faculty of Public Health since January of 2016. Previous faculty positions were held for 4 years at National University of Rwanda Faculty of Medicine University Center for Public Health and for 20 years at Florida International UniversityStempelSchool of Public Health School of Public Health & Social Work (named after his late colleague, Bob Stempel). 

Indeed, he is now one of the leading faculty members who are developing onsite and online academic programs (BSc, MPH, Graduate Certificates, Post-graduate Diplomas, and PhD) in the new school of public health and the new department of environmental and occupational health at Kuwait University using the expertise he acquired over the years. For the online teaching of courses, they use Microsoft Teams (for the synchronous part) and Moodle integrated into MS Teams (for the asynchronous part). As a capacity builder, he was indeed the founding faculty member of the EOH Department of the Robert StempelSchool of Public Health at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami where he was a professor for 20 years. For ten years, he singlehandedly took care and taught all the courses (alternating onsite and onlineteachingusing mostly Blackboard) of the concentration of EOH sciences in the then FIU Department of Public Health which evolved into the School. The next goal is to establish an online CEPH-accredited global School of Public Health (CEPH = Council of Education for Public Health)within a South Florida-based prevention center that will focus on Environmental & Occupational Medicine, Occupational Health Nursing, Industrial Hygiene & Safety, reaching out to US inner city areas, Caribbean region, Africa and beyond.He is also an online professor and course director at Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, USA for the last 6 years where he uses Brightspace, one of the best online LMS (Learning Management System) software for online teaching and learning that was created by D2L (formerly Desire2Learn). 

Research interests focus on the role of environmental and occupational exposures to soil-, water / sanitation / hygiene-, air-, and food-borne contaminants; infections; allergens; injury; stress; gene-environment; climate change; and immune system on ill-health and prevention/control of these exposures for holistic health. 

His line of research produced a number of publications on the impact of environmental and occupational toxic metal and other contaminants on the health of children [Lead Poisoning, Triggers of Asthma, Air pollution,Low Birth Weight/Placental Abruption, and NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) and Environmental and Occupational Exposures, and COVID-19]. 

He is a Consulting Expert in Health, Safety, & Environment for The World Bank and British Department For International Development, and Occupational Health, Safety, & Environment for USAID.  

He serves as member and Chair of the Research, Publication and Data Committtee of OSHAfrica. Occupational Safety and Health Foundation with the trademark OSHAfrica( is a Pan-African Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) organization legally registered in 2017 with the principal aim of bringing together OSH professionals across Africa and beyond, creating an atmosphere for collaborative work, sharing of knowledge and OSH data across different countries and sub-regions of Africa. OSHAfrica aspires to be the African information agency on OSH. 

          Janvier Gasana, MD, MPH, PhD - 46 Selected  Publications (out of 150+ Papers, Invitations, Conference Presentations       and Proceedings) + 1 Textbook (#47) 


1/ Gasana, J., Twagilimana, L., Hallenbeck, W. and Brenniman, G. Industrial Discharges of Metals in Kigali, Rwanda, and the Impact on Drinking Water Quality. Bull. of Envir. Contamin. and ToxicoL1997 Apr; 58 (4): 523-6 PMID9060368  

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3/ Gasana, J., Morin, J., Ndikuyeze, A., Kamoso, P. Impact of Water Supply and Sanitation on Diarrheal Morbidity Among Children in the Socioeconomic Context of Rwanda (Africa) Environ Res 2002 Oct; 90 (2): 76-88 PMID12483797. 

4/ Gasana, J., Hlaing, W., Siegel, K., Chamorro, A., Niyonsenga, T. Blood Lead Levels in Children and Environmental Lead Contamination in Miami Inner City, FL. Int J Environ Res Public Health, 2006 Sep; 3(3):228-34 PMID16968968. 


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13/ Mendy A, Vieira ER,Albatineh AN, Nnadi AK, Gasana JResponse to Letter to the Editor: regarding "Copper deficiency and neuropathology related to the petrous bone". Ann Epidemiol 2014 Jun; 24(6):490-1 PMID 24731698. 


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