Wallonia, a region favourable to sustainable and efficient entrepreneurship

Wallonia, a region favourable to sustainable and efficient entrepreneurship

Wallonia, a region favourable to sustainable and efficient entrepreneurship

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By Diallo Adama

Located at the heart of Europe and the European market, Wallonia, is a very favourable region for the creation and development of businesses. Indeed, according to the IMD World Competitiveness 2020, the Walloon motorway and rail network is among the densest in Europe.

As a result, by truck, you reach a population of nearly 60 million inhabitants in 4 hours with a network of around twenty major cities in 8 hours. This shows how a company that has the vocation to settle in the Walloon region will be closer to its target areas, its customers, and its flexibility to move inside and outside the region or the country - Belgium. As a positive effect, companies established in the Walloon region gain not only in time but also in savings and in the performance of their activities, whether inside or outside the country or in the European free trade area. This is due in particular to the well-cleared motorway and rail networks.

Numerous private industrial connections to the national and international rail network allow companies concerned about efficiency and the environment to opt for rail or combined rail/road transport.

Also, note the importance and imminent quality of Liège airport, elected in 2020, as the best cargo airport in the world, and the strategic presence of Charleroi airport.

In addition, the river network of Wallonia establishes a connection with France, Flanders, the Netherlands, Germany, and the main transatlantic lines.

Possessing an autonomous port and the first Belgian inland port, the port of Liège occupies the third place in terms of inland ports in Europe and benefits from easy access to the major European ports.

Very close to Brussels, the Belgian capital, where major international institutions are located, headquarters, the presence of many multinationals, and more than 300 international law firms or consultants promote integration and interconnection between companies.

Wallonia also has a network of economic and commercial attachés present in a hundred countries whose mission is to provide companies with information and advice for a strategic positioning favouring exports.

Therefore, the observation that we can make through all these strategic advantages and systems put in place by the Walloon Region constitutes privileges for creating or establishing a company that has the vocation of opening up to the European market as well as internationally.

This geographical and advantageous position of the Walloon Region also promotes the creation and development of an economic business climate.

In the field of human resources, Wallonia, has a highly qualified human resource, willing to support companies for their development and better economic integration.

In order to facilitate their integration, Wallonia, has implemented a series of measures allowing companies to reduce their salary costs and find training particularly suited to their activities. Additionally, this is preponderant multilingualism, which is very important in business, particularly its geographical position located at the center of the three great Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Latin cultures.

Regarding real estate, the Walloon region is full of land, and semi-industrial office buildings designed to house large, medium, and small businesses.

To do this, the AWEX (Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency) has an extensive network of contacts in the real estate sector and is ready to support companies in finding suitable infrastructure for their activities. Additionally, the supply of business credit remains very high and particularly accessible to entrepreneurs who demonstrate credibility by presenting solid credit files. The Regional Investment Company of Wallonia, among others, intervenes financially in the development projects of Walloon companies or companies established in Wallonia.

Given all the above, we dare to say that investing in the Walloon Region is investing in sustainability because it has an ideal investment climate that is favorable to entrepreneurship and business.

Source: For more information see: Pourquoi la Wallonie?

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