Singer Joris Bosman wants to help vulnerable african people

Singer Joris Bosman wants to help vulnerable african people

Singer Joris Bosman wants to help vulnerable african people

/ DIASPORA ACTUALITE / Sunday, 18 October 2020 13:03

Par Jean Paul HABIMANA

Joris Bosman, singer, performer and composer of classical music studied music in England, Belgium and the Netherlands. He began his career in collaboration with orchestras and conductors all over the world namely in Africa, Russia, America, Singapore etc. The singer has performed several shows to help people in difficulty.

The singer Joris Bosman singing in a concert

Internationally renowned singer Bosman is currently working on the choir with young people to teach them not only music but also music. "I accompany young people who want to get into music and others who are getting ready. to phocal contests, "says Joris Bosman. The singer had the opportunity to meet important international figures in order to get the message out to as many people as possible. This knowledge inspired him to spread his art to many people by helping the most disadvantaged people "I decided to make my art through my life by setting up concerts to support organizations with a goal to help people the poorest. "Bosman has performed several concerts to help the poorest people in the world but especially in Africa. In this philosophy is the last concert of June 15, 2018 in Stckel for the Social Action Association Kesho Kongo. The concert brought an exorbitant amount of money around 7,000 euros collected to help malnourished children in the Democratic Republic of Congo more specifically in Bukavu.

Full concerts, lots of projects

Joris Bosman informs us that he is currently organizing with other musicians of the same career with the same interests of being an ambassador for vulnerable people "we are currently doing several concerts in September, in October, last November to meet other artists and other important personalities interested in the issue of people in difficulty, "adds Bosman.

Music makes happy, looks like the rich and the poor, blacks and whites, heals the sick (therapeutic). It is this social cause that we defend when we carry out our actions "our action softens suffering and gives hope for a common cause beyond cultural differences. We have found that, during our journey around the world, suffering affects all people beyond cultural difference "says Bosman

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