Interview with Winifride on Parental inheritance

Interview with Winifride on Parental inheritance

/ Invité du Mois / Thursday, 04 March 2021 17:33

By   Gloriose Ntirenganya

Good day Winifride can you please briefly tell us about yourself?

My Biography

My name is Winifride MUKAYISIRE, I am an old woman born in Rwanda Nyamirambo Kigali, survivor of the 1994 Tutsi Genocide. I went to school at Lycee de Kigali.  I worked at the District, in charge of Social Affairs and Women.  I stopped my job to take care of my children and to give them a good education.

I am currently staying in the United States of America for medical treatment.


What do you like in life?

I love God and I like to pray and support orphans, windows and poor people.


What is your aim of parental inheritance; when did you start it?

I started to help people in need after I finished school in 1962. I decided to help learners who could not afford to pay their school fees, this is something I learned from my parents. I grew up seeing them helping many people of the family and our village including my neighbors.  



What kind of people do you normally help?

My aim is to help the survivors of the Genocide including orphans and widows and poor people with food, clothes, medical care and school fees and anyone who might need help from me.  And also people who are psychologically disturbed.


What is your Vision and Mission? 

My Vision and Mission: Is to help anyone experiencing problems and difficulty to fulfill their dreams and to see them succeeding in their studies and also to encourage people to help themselves by starting small business such as selling livestock and doing farming. I also want to reduce poverty and hunger in Africa and make it a better place for everyone. And I want to make sure everyone receive better education that can help them to start their own business that can help them the meet the needs of their family. I also support the gender balance where women must also receive good education.


So what are your challenges so far?

My challenge is that for now I’m under treatment that makes difficult for me to meet the needs for everyone who might need help from me, so my plea is that if they are some people who can help or assist me to fulfill my dream in helping orphans and poor people, they are all welcome. If they want to help us, I will give them an account number.


Thank you very much for accepting my request and support orphans and poor people who needs us. In God we have trust and faith

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